Applications due February 14th

 for IMGP Ambassador

IMGP will have an ambassador program to promote our organization through our youth.  Applications are due by mid-February.


IMGP Ambassador Rules 2018

IMGP Ambassador Application




IMGP is helping send our "kids" to school

The Illinois Meat Goat Producers scholarship program is designed to encourage educational enhancement of young goat breeders by awarding annual scholarships. IMGP has established a $500 scholarship for this program.  This program is open to any IMGP active member, or immediate family member of an active IMGP member, who has been involved in raising, breeding or showing goats.


IMGP Scholarship Application



Land of Lincoln Purebred Livestock Breeder's Association Scholarship Application



Presentations from 2014 Annual Meeting

Meat Goat Production by Chris Radloff, DVM

Junior Buckle Series by Emily Schunke


Handouts from Coni Ross' presentation at the 2011 Annual Meeting

Supplies for goat producers

Management of goats


The broken horn in a goat

Puerperal infections in goats

Newborn kids with weak legs

Bloat in kid goats

Pneumonia in goats

How to tube feed a kid

Supply sources for goat products

Homemade recipes (cures) for goats



Presentation by Sarah Dean at 2010 Northern Illinois Classic wether sale

Sarah Dean's Presentation



Handouts from Terry Hutchens' presentation at the 2010 Annual Meeting

Bi-Product Research

Parasite Publication




Educational Articles


Basic Meat Goat Facts

Sheep & Goat Health Report

On-Farm Performance Testing

Sheep & Goat Health Report Summer 07

Beware the Urge

Home Butchering

Livestock Guarding Dogs




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